Nerves are Whacked Out!

I assumed this cold had passed but, 3 weeks later, It’s still with me. Because my nervous system has taken a beating over the years, my nose it still running and I’m extremely dizzy. I felt good a few days ago so went to the hospital and had my blood tests. When I got home I suddenly began sneezing again. I’ve been sweating and sneezing since. Regardless, I’ve got my hairdresser, groceries arriving and the doctor phoning at around 4PM. Should be challenging but I feel I can handle everything. Got my Matcha Tea, mixed nuts and some winter berries for breakfast. I’ll eat well today to make sure I maintain good energy levels. I really don’t want to be a wreck this afternoon.

Today, I’m going to tell my doctor why I want to try different cannabinoid medicines. As I’ve said before, I want to change the cannabinoid ratio so I’m taking less THC and more CBD. I suffer awful dizziness from MS and I don’t need more from the current medicine. I’m sure she’ll understand.

Just a quick post today. I am THAT dizzy! Breakfast was chicken bone broth, mixed nuts, winter berries and Matcha Tea. Only the chicken is organic. It’s hard to be totally organic so I don’t pressure myself. I’m so dizzy so I’m going to take a nap.


All’s Well That Ends Well

I’m so tired today that I’m not leaving my house. I usually crutch around the woods, with husband and dogs, to access any physical improvement. There’s always some, most notably my ability to walk better. I seem to come on in leaps and bounds, walking more upright, faster and with better balance every week. However, I’ve been braving a ‘double whammy’ for the past two weeks.

My period started and also my sinuses were congested, dry, crusty and uncomfortable. Since reducing my Sativex doses, I’ve been braving painful period cramps. When I thought these two problems had passed, I crutched my way downhill 10-15 minutes, for lunch at the Tearooms. I noticed I was stronger and faster but felt a little fatigued from the cold I had suffered. My usual order of Green Tea, a mushroom omelette, 3 rashers of bacon and salad is always appreciated. One of the owners and I chatted about cannabis for a while and then I read my Kindle. I was clearly feeling the fatigue growing so just sat there, green tea in hand and Sheryl Crowe on my headphones.

While crutching back uphill, I stopped and rested every couple of minutes. I could really feel the fatigue growing and changed the music to Jack White. By the time I was home, I could only think of making a cup of tea, putting on my pyjamas and getting into bed. The dogs cuddled beside me while some white noise, in the form of a rainstorm, played on my headphones. I was very willing to lose 2 hours this way.

I need more cannabinoids to function today. The efforts of yesterday have left me feeling washed out, feeling more pain in my feet and hands. I’ll stay in today and see how I feel tomorrow. I fully expect to be able to crutch around the woods with the dogs. Today I’ll write a letter to my doctor. I want to combine Sativex with a new, synthetic CBD oil. Sativex is 50/50 THC and CBD and I’m planning on changing the ratio of cannabinoids in my medicine. I desire less THC so I’ll be less high for my daily functions. As my doctor has little understanding, if any, of cannabinoids, I feel the need to express my needs to her. At the moment she seems confused as to why I require 2 cannabis medications instead of one. Instead of 2 sprays of Sativex, I want to try 1 spray combined with 1 drop of the new oil so I can reduce my dose of THC. I’m sure the current dose of THC is holding me back. I’d like to be able to drive and read more easily. Not too much to ask, I hope. We’ll see.

As a total distraction, we rescued a hedgehog from our garden the other night. We observed it for two nights while we were finding facts and rescue details. We thought the dogs must have frightened it off as we didn’t see it for another 2 nights. Trevor, my husband, kept searching every evening as we were both concerned for it’s welfare. I hurriedly purchased a hedgehog house but we soon found that it was probably underweight. We were half defeated when we heard Domino barking and we knew we had a garden visitor again. Bringing it indoors, we found it to be 400 grams underweight. It would never have made it through the winter so it spent the night in our little downstairs toilet. We left it with some dog food and a hot water bottle with old t-shirts. The next morning, we found it nestled in the t-shirts while the rest of the room was covered in dog food and hedgehog poo. Trevor took it to a rescue center and donated some cash and the hedgehog house. We assumed it had accessed our garden by swimming across the pond. We’ve found that they are good swimmers. It’s warm and happy now. All’s well that ends well.


Our Border Terrier Domino.

What a mess!

What a mess!

Side Order of Synthetic Cannabis Oil with A Paleo Diet

I’ve woken up knowing that I’ve been in a mood swing for the best part of a week. It’s a short stay prison really. The only reasons I can find are that I’ve eaten too much fruit and tried to do too much physical stuff. Too much fructose coupled with the need to exercise and get outside and rejoin society. It’s hard to control my impatience. I just want to be well again and I still feel the chains and torture of this illness.

I must remember to manage those moods. The left side of my body is consumed with pins and needles and pain. My descriptive term for what I’m experiencing is a ‘hangover in a hurricane’. With the Paleo diet improving my health, I still have challenges. This requires constant self assessment and unfortunately, I let my guard down. Being romanced by the amazing healing has resulted in a torture of my own making. I’m spending today in bed and will select a movie to remove me from current realities.

Before then I have to book a phone call to my doctor. With any luck, we’ll chat at lunch time and discuss a new prescription of Sativex together with a private prescription of a new cannabis oil. Sativex is simply a 50/50 mixture of THC and CBD cannabis compounds as the first attempt at a natural and organic tincture. It’s a stunning medicine but I’m now feeling a need to experiment with a different ratio of cannabis compounds.

I’m sick of the high that THC delivers despite it’s amazing pain relieving properties. CBD has pain relieving properties of it’s own but without the high. Many patients have rejected Sativex because they prefer a ‘straight head’ and I fully understand this. I don’t have children and I’m not holding down a job. THC would compromise the brain functions required for effective parenting. Me? I just want to be less dizzy, drive more easily again and have a better short term memory.

Sativex and other cannabis medicines are not the products of Big Pharma. Those involved, including myself, are so proud of this. I call it New Pharma or sometimes Natural Pharma. The political restrictions on cannabis have resulted in the production of synthetic cannabinoids and the CBD oil I wish to try comes in this category. A bottle of 10mL synthetic CBD, Oily Drops costs £300, plus a cost of around £50 as it has to be a private prescription. Pushing forward any new medicines comes with a cost. The human testing on myself is all part of the process too. With any luck, this new CBD oil will speed up my recovery. I’ll fully devote a blog entry to my findings.

A Much Nicer Place

I live in a village in England called Meriden. It’s the historic center of England but as some coastline has been lost, the actual center is in a field a few miles away. On a more serious note, one of England’s best organic butchers is just 5 minutes drive away. Phil made me some gluten free sausages and I’ve just taken a few out of the freezer for lunch. A kale salad on the side will go perfect.

One of my dogs suffers seizures and he’s on a Paleo diet too. Both dogs are, of course, and a special pet mince is provided by our butcher. I had a look at the protein content of the tins of dog meat from the supermarket and was shocked that it was only 9%. Embracing a Paleo diet has been made so easy as my husband has taken it onboard too. He’s lost weight and is far more productive. He’s turned out to be an amazing cook too. He’s even using neuro-plasticity to improve his rock climbing technique, using thought as well as muscle memory to achieve harder moves.

I’m of to another butcher to get some minced/ground beef for the pooches. I can’t drive to the organic butchers as I’m suffering the aftermath of a cold so, I’m mixing some of my Bone Broth in until I’m driving again. I’m crutching down into the village twice per week to build muscle strength plus a walk in the woods at weekends. It’s so nice to finally have some balance back again. Just a month ago, I would have to use a walker and it would not happen twice per week, if at all.

It’s now 12:46 and I’ve been down to the village, got cash, delivered items to the charity shop and had my blood pressure tested at the pharmacy. I got some dental floss too and popped next door for some minced beef. After a quick rest and a cup of tea, I’ll prepare those sausages for lunch. Oh and, I mopped the side door passage on my return too. I’m really loving this diet!

My blood pressure, when very relaxed or meditating, is normally 90/60. Low blood pressure is a gift of genetics passed on from my mother. I’m careful not to have the bath too hot or stand up too quickly from it. After walking down into Meriden center it was 117/78. I’m happy with that.

I write this blog for two main reasons. To share experiences with whomever is interested and as a sort of diary for myself. It saves me typing it out twice and keeps everything more real for me.

I had previously stated that I started the Wahls Protocol diet on August 13th. It wasn’t. It was the 22nd. I had more energy just 24 hours later. I was using 30ml of Sativex per week prior to the diet change. Within 2 weeks, my dose had dropped so significantly that the same amount would last a month. Now, I can make one 10ml bottle last the same time. That’s a 1/12 reduction in medication in about 10 weeks. It’s really quite amazing. I have far less pain, better balance, vastly better cognition and more energy. I’m calmer than I’ve ever been, like I’m permanently high. I’m a little high because of the Sativex but the world definitely feels a much nicer place.

Web addresses for Paleo Diets and the Wahls Protcol

Dr Terry Wahls (the Wahls Way)

Dr Terry Wahls TEDx talk which put me on the road to recovery.

The Paleo Mom for recipes and much more.

My MS Story

My name is Sarah Martin. I’m British and I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2003 after a particularly bad relapse. Three years previous to this I had a mistaken diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome which was actually my first MS relapse so, I had been aware something was wrong for some time. After my eventual RRMS diagnosis, I attempted to carry on working but found I could not hold ideas in my head, suffered dreadful mood swings while battling against spasms in my legs and torso.

The neurologist who diagnosed and treated me told me not to use existing pharma solutions and concentrate on keeping a healthy diet and lifestyle. This I did gratefully, giving up work and alcohol, I managed to continue taking long walks through the forests with my husband and dogs. I turned mostly vegetarian as I was led to believe this would maintain better health. Someone told me that cannabis would provide me with relief from the worst of the symptoms. It did but I began, rather stupidly, smoking it.

It was clear that my diet and lifestyle was not that great and within 5 years my health started to go downhill. Lots of fatigue, spasms and difficulty in managing my body temperature had gotten the better of me. A further 3 years of dealing with this brought on depression and worsening health culminating with an horrendous relapse which left me unable to walk, see straight to watch the TV or read. My diet became awful as I searched for quick and temporary happiness. Snickers bars and Danish pastries provide a ‘short health life’.

Amazingly, I managed to regain enough health to get by with crutches and sometimes a walker. I began to take seriously what science had achieved in it’s efforts to create effective medicines using cannabis. I began to manufacture and experiment with my own cannabis oils. I even took part in BBC documentaries to try to immunise myself from possible arrest. This seems to have worked and now I’m in receipt of regular prescription of Sativex, a pharmaceutical cannabis tincture liscenced in many countries.

Sativex helped me deal with worsening symptoms, minimising pain and spasms but my health was still worsening and I was losing mobility fast. Something was clearly missing and more to the point, my body was missing something huge. For the past two years, I had been sharing my anecdotes with scientists, clinitions and students but felt I had become too unhealthy to continue. This year was going to be my last conference attendance. I was too beaten up and tired to continue.

Just over a month before attending a conference of the International Association of Cannabinoid Medicines, I came across a rather interesting TED talk by Dr Terry Wahls. Well, it changed my life! I started the Wahls diet on August 13th and within 6 weeks I reduced my need for Sativex medication by 1/12. Now I hardly require the medication but do find it to be essential in this ‘bad diet’ world. Traveling and maintaining this diet combined with the fact I menstruate still requires some pharma management. Another six months on this diet and I probably won’t require Sativex at all? I certainly hope so.