I feel joy using the Wahls Protocol. Not only is it embracing a new diet but also a new lifestyle of meditation and positivity. I’m having some trouble meditating while using Sativex because it contains far too much THC for me. It’s hard to stay focused. But the diet promoted by Terry Wahls has given me great control of my emotions. It seems, eating the right foods has chilled me out as well as reversing my symptoms of MS. I now suffer far less pain, brain fog and spasms. It’s been very empowering in ever increasing ways. By the end of February, I will have been using the Wahls Protocol for six months. I’m only slightly put out that I stopped keeping a diary of my eating habits and resulting side effects. Cannabis withdrawal came first. Now I can move on. I used to be unhappy about my illness but now I have new purpose. 

My sister has moved to the mountains of Pakistan with her partner. As an able bodied person, I’d be very jealous. Living in a challenging environment would have been right ‘up my street’. Now, I find I avoid difficult travel. The chairs in airports are uncomfortable and the food is worse. This will only worsen my symptoms and I’d spend too much holiday time sleeping instead of being awake and enjoying. It’s still far better to be safe and warm at home.


This is the queue for the tunnel to escape the valley my sister lives in. Able bodied me would have loved it.

I thought Sativex would allow me to travel more easily. Unfortunately, it does not remedy the symptoms enough to ease my eye spasms. Currently, my whole view spins slightly all the time. It’s a bit like trying to move about on a ship in a stormy sea. When I’m tired it gets worse. The storm increases. I wanted to be able to drive, visit my parents and get out more. Sadly, making up a term to describe this symptom is the only entertainment it’s provided. Spazeract

Oh, one major thing the new diet has achieved is I no longer suffer Shitmatas. Six months ago, the only way I could tell I needed a crap was the shooting pains in my arms and hands. The Wahls Protocol has certainly made shitting an almost unconscious task. I’m absolutely thrilled.


Order and Reason

Know thy self! Aye, it’s a good thing. Knowing when to stop and take a break has become so important to me. I knew I was withdrawing from a high dose of Cannabinoids when reducing the Sativex dose. I could have done it in slow stages but I’m into abstention. I had to cease much of my communication while I suffered through fatigue, the usual spasms, occasional cramps and a workable yet gruelling depression. I have no desire to share any of that with anyone. That’s why I’ve not posted anything for a while. I’ve been strangely content with this depression, not letting my highs get too high to protect myself from crashing lows. There is order and reason here somehow.Sativex in hand