Order and Reason

Know thy self! Aye, it’s a good thing. Knowing when to stop and take a break has become so important to me. I knew I was withdrawing from a high dose of Cannabinoids when reducing the Sativex dose. I could have done it in slow stages but I’m into abstention. I had to cease much of my communication while I suffered through fatigue, the usual spasms, occasional cramps and a workable yet gruelling depression. I have no desire to share any of that with anyone. That’s why I’ve not posted anything for a while. I’ve been strangely content with this depression, not letting my highs get too high to protect myself from crashing lows. There is order and reason here somehow.Sativex in hand


2 thoughts on “Order and Reason

  1. I think you are doing great using the paleo diet to combat the effects of lysoPC in all our food that causes lesions in unnaturally high numbers. Sativex though is like taking a step in the wrong direction if the information in the NYTimes is correct saying it’s made up of thc. Thca would be somewhat okay, but thc also raises the lysoPC level in our bodies. For an in-depth break down how heated marijuana or thc is bad for multiple sclerosis, please read “Hey Pot Smokers, Do you Feel Paralyzed?”at http://jesusdiedandlives.worpress.com . By the way, I really didn’t want to post here, but I felt the holy spirit really leading me here. So in obedience to my Lord, I am posting this for you. I hope you recover fully from the effects of multiple sclerosis.

    • Thanks for your comment. The media are often dealing out opinions. They assume we all smoke cannabis. Smoking it delivers different affects. I use it as a tincture. The cannabinoid balance is wrong for me but Sativex is the first in a generation of new pharma. I’m proud about what they have achieved.

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