A Vacation From Pain

I thought I’d be waxing lyrical about the Wahls Protocol. Don’t get me wrong as I’m as pleased as punch with the speed of my recovery. I just decided to take a definite vacation from the pain of the past few years. I’ve not wanted to discuss it. It’s easier to just get on with the exercises, stretching and meditation and just chill out in a glorious Summer.

Today has been fabulous. I’ve decided to build up certain muscle groups so I can walk without canes or crutches. I’ve been using a variety of walking routes depending on how I feel. Today I feel a little dizzy so it’s been a double walk round little retirement bungalows at the top of my drive. It’s mostly flat but there are slight gradients, dips and cambers to keep my body constantly challenged. I did two circuits and that’s about a quarter of a mile. 

If I go to the top of my drive i am presented with a perfect walking circuit.

If I go to the top of my drive i am presented with a perfect walking circuit.

As soon as I’m home I sit in my Shiatsu massage chair. I’ve found it an essential way to remove any build up of lactic acid. My legs feel light afterwards too. I use a hand held massager for those hard to reach areas like the Lumbar and Glutes.

I’ve decided to use Sativex together with the Wahls Protocol to speed my recovery. Because Sativex allows a patient to remain fairly flexible I have avoided the painful and time consuming task of electrically stimulating seized muscles. It is an effective recovery drug used more and more for post operative care and spinal injury. A guy came to fix my oven and informed me that he’d been given Sativex to recover from a Kite Surfing accident and resulting spinal surgery. He needed Sativex to help his muscles relax while essential healing took place. 

I love hearing stories of the diverse uses of Sativex. I’ve even heard of it been prescribed for those suffering from cluster headaches too. The sooner it’s allowed for use within the NHS the better. The NHS has made bad assessments based on faulty data. I hope they sort out their misunderstandings soon. There’s just too many people who need a vacation from their pain. Leaving them to suffer is nothing short of terrorism.


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