Real food saved me!!!

Here’s another blogger who used diet to treat her RRMS. She’s hiking once again.


carrot 3    family
Welcome to my page. I am here because I just can not get enough real food talk in my life. I have to let everyone know that you can feel good too. You are what you eat Simple. Be Real!!! I am still working on figuring out where my shift in reality came from. I was once a Negative Girl who thought if you never have BIG dreams you will never feel disappointment. Wow let me tell you that is such a false statement. When you tell yourself things like that they become your reality. Be kind to yourself always. Somewhere in my recovery my mind opened up. I am clear now. I know what I want and I am going after it. Please follow us as we search for our homestead, eat lot’s of real food and become a Homeschool Family!
Here is my Story.
 Christmas to Conneticut 051
I got…

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