Until now I’ve been too ill to start blogging again and also write to a good friend in the US. MS can leave a person demented as the brain slowly solidifies with lesions. I decided to just post my letters to her on here. Two birds, one stone.

Fuck. I’m high. Dog walker Sam came and took the dogs. I had two hours to get some exercise. I let myself get low on Sativex so thought I’d use my own. An olive oil extraction of donated cannabis waste. I clearly took twice my usual dose, staggered down the steep Layes Lane and zoned out for a bit watching the bird life at the pond. I noticed two fluffy, black and white new ones. I had no intention of getting this high. Jesus, I have to really concentrate to touch type.

Now, I’m sat in the shiatsu massage chair. Ahhh it just switched off, Domino farted next to me and Stan just started to shake. Stan has clearly had too much action for his ailing nervous system. He can stay home and keep me company tomorrow. It’s a little early to dose him up with home brew so he can curl up and sleep and I’m so stoned I’m not sure I get upstairs safely. But I’m happy to not be able to. I’m happy to do fuck all. Jesus, this chair massages the soles of my feet with rubber bullets. A minor challenge to letter writing.

This massage will be over soon and I really must start to make my stew. Some fresh lemon tea and a pee first.

That was truly epic. I started as a staggering zombie as I went back and forth to the fridge for food. Sadly, no brains. I put together a paleo beef stew andhad to take regular interludes where I lay on the floor and tried not to vomit. I had ingested too much THC and I knew it. Another fun challenge to get through. I’ve always had a problem defining love. Lying on the kitchen floor trying not to vomit. I guess that’s it.

The chair massage is on again. It really is quite pleasant. I’m tired now. Until next time.


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