I Walk On Beaches

About a month ago I was able to walk on beaches with my crutches. This is all thanks to my embracing of the brilliant Wahls Protocol. When first diagnosed with MS in 2003 I was told never to use existing pharmaceutical medications and lead a clean and relaxed life instead. At the time I thought I was invincible and carried on working despite suffering harsh symptoms. Within 6 weeks I had to give up working but started to eat a healthier diet. Someone suggested I use cannabis to escape any painful symptoms. It worked wonders. Sativex in those days was virtually non existent.

I receive a Sativex prescription now and I am so grateful for it. Without it I would be in agony and there would be little point in living. Despite it’s brilliance, Sativex did not stop the MS from increasing in it’s ferocity. My health continued to decline and my use of Sativex simply made dealing with this easier.

I fortuitously stumbled across a TED talk by Dr Terry Wahls in August 2013 and so much has changed in just 12 months. Not in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be able to stand straight and walk on beaches again. I did other things that week that would otherwise have been impossible including a visit to Hadrian’s Wall and a few historic National Trust properties. I felt amazing despite hauling myself up steps and hillsides with crutches. Anything hard work always appeals to me. I intend to rock climb again next year. After being dark for a decade, the future is now bright again.

The laws regarding cannabis have featured in the media again recently. Thanks to the Wahls Protocol, I have the strength to stand up for this issue again. Yesterday I had a journalist from The Times newspaper visit. They were looking for a middle class cannabis grower who also uses Sativex. As this was happening a team was erecting scaffolding for the instillation of solar panels. We may be dirt bags with a battered old house but it did confirm our middle class status perfectly. My grow room was photographed even though my plants were struggling to grow well. This proved my argument that the sick should never be expected to grow their own medicine.

Despite using Sativex, my health also improves from using medicinal benefits found in other cannabis varieties. I’ve always argued that Sativex has too much THC for me so I try to change the ratio of cannabinoids to enable easier driving and balance. I’ve recently started to use a hemp oil purchased on Amazon containing only Cannabidiol. It’s legal and very effective. It has steadied my vision, stopped my knuckles aching and strengthened muscles and joints. Sativex is an amazing medicine but it can’t fix everything for everyone. It has made exercise much easier and allowed me to improve my health in that way. The body always responds well to exercise if a patient has the means to do so.

Thanks to the Wahls Protocol I can walk on beaches again.

Thanks to the Wahls Protocol I can walk on beaches again.


All’s Well That Ends Well

I’m so tired today that I’m not leaving my house. I usually crutch around the woods, with husband and dogs, to access any physical improvement. There’s always some, most notably my ability to walk better. I seem to come on in leaps and bounds, walking more upright, faster and with better balance every week. However, I’ve been braving a ‘double whammy’ for the past two weeks.

My period started and also my sinuses were congested, dry, crusty and uncomfortable. Since reducing my Sativex doses, I’ve been braving painful period cramps. When I thought these two problems had passed, I crutched my way downhill 10-15 minutes, for lunch at the Tearooms. I noticed I was stronger and faster but felt a little fatigued from the cold I had suffered. My usual order of Green Tea, a mushroom omelette, 3 rashers of bacon and salad is always appreciated. One of the owners and I chatted about cannabis for a while and then I read my Kindle. I was clearly feeling the fatigue growing so just sat there, green tea in hand and Sheryl Crowe on my headphones.

While crutching back uphill, I stopped and rested every couple of minutes. I could really feel the fatigue growing and changed the music to Jack White. By the time I was home, I could only think of making a cup of tea, putting on my pyjamas and getting into bed. The dogs cuddled beside me while some white noise, in the form of a rainstorm, played on my headphones. I was very willing to lose 2 hours this way.

I need more cannabinoids to function today. The efforts of yesterday have left me feeling washed out, feeling more pain in my feet and hands. I’ll stay in today and see how I feel tomorrow. I fully expect to be able to crutch around the woods with the dogs. Today I’ll write a letter to my doctor. I want to combine Sativex with a new, synthetic CBD oil. Sativex is 50/50 THC and CBD and I’m planning on changing the ratio of cannabinoids in my medicine. I desire less THC so I’ll be less high for my daily functions. As my doctor has little understanding, if any, of cannabinoids, I feel the need to express my needs to her. At the moment she seems confused as to why I require 2 cannabis medications instead of one. Instead of 2 sprays of Sativex, I want to try 1 spray combined with 1 drop of the new oil so I can reduce my dose of THC. I’m sure the current dose of THC is holding me back. I’d like to be able to drive and read more easily. Not too much to ask, I hope. We’ll see.

As a total distraction, we rescued a hedgehog from our garden the other night. We observed it for two nights while we were finding facts and rescue details. We thought the dogs must have frightened it off as we didn’t see it for another 2 nights. Trevor, my husband, kept searching every evening as we were both concerned for it’s welfare. I hurriedly purchased a hedgehog house but we soon found that it was probably underweight. We were half defeated when we heard Domino barking and we knew we had a garden visitor again. Bringing it indoors, we found it to be 400 grams underweight. It would never have made it through the winter so it spent the night in our little downstairs toilet. We left it with some dog food and a hot water bottle with old t-shirts. The next morning, we found it nestled in the t-shirts while the rest of the room was covered in dog food and hedgehog poo. Trevor took it to a rescue center and donated some cash and the hedgehog house. We assumed it had accessed our garden by swimming across the pond. We’ve found that they are good swimmers.┬áIt’s warm and happy now. All’s well that ends well.


Our Border Terrier Domino.

What a mess!

What a mess!