Walking Distances Again

Starting to walk distances was an enormous challenge. The discovery that I had an inconvenient number of food allergies made my new Wahls Protocol diet a challenge too but that’s another story that I might bore you with later. My first and major desire was to be able to walk my dogs in a local field. I reached this goal by means of completing a series of stages.

I started by shuffling around the garden with my crutches. Then, after about 2 weeks I felt the need to move on. We have a short yet steep driveway and at the top is a small block of little bungalows. I estimate that a person will have to walk 100 yards to get around them. It was a nice, workable starting distance. In Britain the road signs are low down and great for leaning and sitting if I needed to rest. At first it was a tremendous effort just to walk to the first corner. I leaned on a road sign to rest. I made it to the second corner where there is nothing to lean or sit on. Standing rests were never welcomed in those early days but they had to be endured. The third corner was a road sign rest and then I was on the home straight.

I can’t express the feelings of emotion when completing it. It was an exhausting task emotionally and physically. I had done it! My body ached and my lungs strained to suck in enough oxygen but it was over. Now, to do the same walk every day? It had to be done. After about a month of this I identified another circuit walk that was about a quarter of a mile. Once I’d overcome that distance I then moved on to another and then another and changed from crutches to walking sticks. Progress is slow on the Wahls Protocol so be prepared to take your time. For the past year I’ve been walking the dogs in local farmers fields so that goal was reached. That was satisfying.

I was pissed off with the snail pace at first but knew this was a Bell Curve. Things happen much faster and easier two years on and I have a mammoth walk planned for this Summer. My muddy, hilly route will be interesting and challenging taking in old pubs, a country manor, fields of sheep, a couple of roads and wheat fields. I used to take my dogs on the same walk and I plan to again.



Cold Showers

Cold showers? I have one every morning these days.

There are reasons and here’s just one.

“3. Improves Immunity and Circulation

Cold water can improve circulation by encouraging blood to surround our organs, which can then help combat some problems of the skin and heart. As cold water hits the body, it’s ability to get blood circulating leads the arteries to more efficiently pump blood, therefore boosting our overall heart health, according to Dr. Joseph Mercola, a natural health expert. It can also lower blood pressure, clear blocked arteries, and improve our immune system.”

Read more about it here.


I like the way the cold showers strengthen my resolve too. When I get in a warm shower I never feel like doing it but I always do in the end. I acclimatise myself by cooling the shower down by 50% and then I give myself a thorough dowsing in the coldest water available. After 30 seconds I warm my shower up again. Then it’s done, over and I always feel accomplished.

Try it. I love it!



What do I share with you today? I’m exhausted as I walked to the pharmacy to collect my Sativex yesterday. A mile of walking is part of my daily exercise together with some stretching , massage and minor weight training. Today I will omit the walking but do the rest. I allow myself days like this despite using the Wahls Protocol. OK, my period started today and I always feel tired on those days.


My nerves feel like a bag of moving electrified marbles. My shins and calves are going through some sort of aftermath of being beaten with sticks… hard and prolonged. I could go on but will spare you that. I just need complete piece and quiet today.


My nervous system is like an electrical circuit that has been completely overloaded. I always have to be aware of how easy it is to blow a fuse and thus put a delay on my recovery. I have to keep away from oblivious, noisy people as they overload my nervous system. Maybe one day they can figure out how to be quiet, peaceful, caring and humble? Until then I’ve got years of recovery to get through.


The Wahls Protocol treatment came along just in time. My health was so bad and I didn’t see myself living long past 60 years old. As you can imagine, I was at the end of my tether and was lucky to be able to walk 20 feet. Now, after two years on the Wahls Protocol, I can walk 2 miles. Not bad, eh? I guess the treatment works for me and it means I’m not a burden on the National Health Service. Ultimately, I want to go on living with my husband into my 80s. It’s a hell of an incentive. Every day is all about diet, meditation and exercise. I suppose it’s a bit like living on a spiritual retreat that I never want to leave.

I Walk On Beaches

About a month ago I was able to walk on beaches with my crutches. This is all thanks to my embracing of the brilliant Wahls Protocol. When first diagnosed with MS in 2003 I was told never to use existing pharmaceutical medications and lead a clean and relaxed life instead. At the time I thought I was invincible and carried on working despite suffering harsh symptoms. Within 6 weeks I had to give up working but started to eat a healthier diet. Someone suggested I use cannabis to escape any painful symptoms. It worked wonders. Sativex in those days was virtually non existent.

I receive a Sativex prescription now and I am so grateful for it. Without it I would be in agony and there would be little point in living. Despite it’s brilliance, Sativex did not stop the MS from increasing in it’s ferocity. My health continued to decline and my use of Sativex simply made dealing with this easier.

I fortuitously stumbled across a TED talk by Dr Terry Wahls in August 2013 and so much has changed in just 12 months. Not in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be able to stand straight and walk on beaches again. I did other things that week that would otherwise have been impossible including a visit to Hadrian’s Wall and a few historic National Trust properties. I felt amazing despite hauling myself up steps and hillsides with crutches. Anything hard work always appeals to me. I intend to rock climb again next year. After being dark for a decade, the future is now bright again.

The laws regarding cannabis have featured in the media again recently. Thanks to the Wahls Protocol, I have the strength to stand up for this issue again. Yesterday I had a journalist from The Times newspaper visit. They were looking for a middle class cannabis grower who also uses Sativex. As this was happening a team was erecting scaffolding for the instillation of solar panels. We may be dirt bags with a battered old house but it did confirm our middle class status perfectly. My grow room was photographed even though my plants were struggling to grow well. This proved my argument that the sick should never be expected to grow their own medicine.

Despite using Sativex, my health also improves from using medicinal benefits found in other cannabis varieties. I’ve always argued that Sativex has too much THC for me so I try to change the ratio of cannabinoids to enable easier driving and balance. I’ve recently started to use a hemp oil purchased on Amazon containing only Cannabidiol. It’s legal and very effective. It has steadied my vision, stopped my knuckles aching and strengthened muscles and joints. Sativex is an amazing medicine but it can’t fix everything for everyone. It has made exercise much easier and allowed me to improve my health in that way. The body always responds well to exercise if a patient has the means to do so.

Thanks to the Wahls Protocol I can walk on beaches again.

Thanks to the Wahls Protocol I can walk on beaches again.

Wahls Protocol/Stair/KettleBell


I’ve not posted in a long time. I’m not sorry for you, the reader, but only for myself as I try and figure out how the Wahls Protocol fits in with my current lifestyle. For nearly 4 months, I’ve suffered a series of colds which effected my appetite badly. Throughout this time, I’ve kept a healthy diet. I just didn’t have the appetite to eat enough of it.


I got a cold in February that seems to have stayed with me until now. A stiff neck and nausea went with it. I wasn’t a happy bunny, as you can imagine. However, I never broke my diet once. In fact, I spent the time getting over certain pangs and seriously tightened things up. I was plagued by my sweet tooth but that seems to have waned nicely. My weekly Paleo hot chocolates are now a rare treat. I don’t crave sweet things any more. I know what’s good for me.


I have been absolutely crap at keeping a food/mood/supplement diary. However, I can’t work so it’s been easy to keep track of what and how much I’ve eaten.  In addition to this, I’ve been staying calm. One of the first changes The Wahls Protocol diet brought about was vastly improved moods. I’m more patient, forgiving and calm. I literally don’t raise my voice on this diet. I don’t seem to be able to feel anger. Was there ever any use for it anyway?


Today’s breakfast was kidneys, a huge plateful of mixed green leaves with a large carrot on the side. Lunch was bacon, green leaves, some plum tomatoes, broccoli, a red pepper and a quarter of a purple cabbage. I’m told that dinner will be fish (Bass) and more mixed salad. I’m glad my appetite is back. Embracing the Wahls Protocol is suddenly a lot easier.


I’ve recently decided that coffee doesn’t suit me. Despite this, my husband is drinking Bullet Proof Coffee with organic, grassfed butter. I’m British and a tea drinker but this has not stopped me putting a few drops of MCT oil in it. I initially discovered Bullet Proof Coffee as I was looking for products to combat my fatigue. I occasionally watch London Real and both the coffee and MCT oil are regularly mentioned.


London Real – A weekly, one hour video podcast that challenges the status quo, explores the human experience, and exchanges ideas and perspectives with eclectic guests in one of the most exciting and diverse cities on the planet.



This is how my average day goes.


1. My daylight lamp is switched on by my bed. This is England, it’s overcast so any way to boost daylight is a must.


2. Breakfast with MCT oil in my tea and vitamin supplements on the side.


3. Check my cannabis plants, both indoors and out. A daily joy.


4. A 1 kilometre walk using crutches or 20 minutes using a pedal exerciser if it’s raining.


5. A session on an Inada Cube which is a Shiatsu massage chair.


6. Weight lifting using a KettleBell. I do 10+ repetitions on each arm, lifting the weight from the floor to above my head each time. It’s a great workout that I’m working on increasing with time.


I stretch all the time, I always have, especially when I’m on the stairs. Oh, I now go upstairs 2 stairs at a time. I’m short, only 5ft tall or 1.5 meters and walking upstairs 2 stairs at a time is a great regular workout.


The Wahls Protocol recommends that I work my brain. I’m no good with those brain training games. I’ve decided to learn to speak French and how to play chess instead. I’m historically unacademic, crap at most things including languages and maths etc. I’d probably have been diagnosed with ADHD in todays world. I am, however, good at sports, spacial awareness and growing cannabis.

Avenues And Alleyways

Cannabis Leaf & Extraction

Cannabis Leaf & Extraction

I’m dizzy today. Had a cold, got PMS and have done some walking and balancing exercises lately.

I think I’ll stay indoors today. 🙂 I have popped a 200mg dose of Modafinil to make sure I’m awake enough to type this. The British National Health Service don’t recommend it. I researched it though. I order it over the internet. I wish my doctor could prescribe it. She does know my use of it. She understands.

It’s been just over 6 months since I changed my life using The Wahls Protocol and I feel fabulous. A local pharmacist remarked on how well I looked. She was impressed and jotted down info on Dr Terry Wahls. It seems her daughter has Celiac Disease and is one of those people that struggles with keeping a healthier diet.

What means the most? Attending your child’s sports day and giving essential support or that very tempting Danish Pastry? There’s no contest or there shouldn’t be. We call it comfort food, even though the comfort only lasts a couple of minutes, if that. You smile and laugh with your friends, get a bit fatter, more tired and ultimately, fucking unhealthier. And you payed good money for it? Genius. Time for a change in attitude, don’t you think?

I don’t have kids. What drives me is the joy of being able to walk my dogs again. It’s more than enough incentive. The fields and woods are 5 minutes walk away.

Domino having a great time!

Domino having a great time!

Stan in Wales

Stan in Wales

I started the new diet at the end of August 2013 and had comprehensive blood tests just 3 months later. Previously, results had not been good but my doctor was stunned and amazed, announcing that I’d made quite an achievement.

Iron & Iron Binding – Normal

Serum vitamin D level – Normal

Full blood count – Normal

Lipid Profile – Normal

Haemoglobin – Normal

Serum cortisol level – Normal

Serum magnesium level – Normal

Vitamin B12 & Folate – Normal

For somebody that couldn’t even crawl 3 years ago, was so dizzy that I threw up several times per day, sweated nightly until my PJs were soaked, I feel kinda smug. And so I bloody should.

Not suffering too much pain these days, I’m finding that I use Sativex more for it’s anti-spasm properties. I’m just observing my vision steady after 2 extra sprays of the medicine. It’s quite remarkable. It has helped the past 6 months pass with ease. It provides me with less stiffness, dizziness, spasms and allows more energy to go out and exercise. I recover from the exercise more rapidly too. I’m happier and calmer, of course.

Do I think Medical Cannabis should be illegal? Certainly not. I much prefer having access to laboratory produced medicines though. The worlds population deserves the right to clean medicines and the hows and whys of Cannabinoids. Mind you, there are many patients suffering right now. Where the law allows, I can see no harm in sourcing clean Cannabis Oil. Find a qualified doctor and relieve yourself with my blessing. Get to know all the facts you can, and for chuffs sake, don’t just smoke it to treat your illness. You’re smarter than that. It needs to be absorbed or ingested to be medically effective.

Spring is here and health always improves with high pressure and sunshine. I walked a mile, in the woods, on both Saturday and Sunday. We even went to Growell Hydroponics on both days too. I’ve decided that I’m well enough to grow Cannabis again but I’m downsizing. I’ll be using a much smaller grow tent. It’s far less daunting and the plant pots are smaller and lighter. I’m finding that Sativex may be providing too much THC for me. I’ll experiment with Decarboxylation to address this and produce a few different tinctures. Sativex is speeding my recovery but leaves me feeling too stoned. I really need a permanent break from that.

Plants can not be patented. The Wahls Protocol and the Cannabis plant certainly have this in common. At least medical trials will prove their validity. Dr Terry Wahls is running medical trials on her protocol and I’ll be interested to see the results. I am already prescribed Sativex, a Cannabis tincture, and feel it’s benefits daily. Both medicines cause ‘epidemics of health’. It’s a shame that these things take time.

As I was choosing my new grow tent, this song was playing. I even got decent discount as a long term customer. It was a rather good weekend.


You’ve been in my head now. I feel violated! 😮  🙂

Eat well, shit hard! No really, it’s an actual saying. From Catalan, I believe.


I feel joy using the Wahls Protocol. Not only is it embracing a new diet but also a new lifestyle of meditation and positivity. I’m having some trouble meditating while using Sativex because it contains far too much THC for me. It’s hard to stay focused. But the diet promoted by Terry Wahls has given me great control of my emotions. It seems, eating the right foods has chilled me out as well as reversing my symptoms of MS. I now suffer far less pain, brain fog and spasms. It’s been very empowering in ever increasing ways. By the end of February, I will have been using the Wahls Protocol for six months. I’m only slightly put out that I stopped keeping a diary of my eating habits and resulting side effects. Cannabis withdrawal came first. Now I can move on. I used to be unhappy about my illness but now I have new purpose. 

My sister has moved to the mountains of Pakistan with her partner. As an able bodied person, I’d be very jealous. Living in a challenging environment would have been right ‘up my street’. Now, I find I avoid difficult travel. The chairs in airports are uncomfortable and the food is worse. This will only worsen my symptoms and I’d spend too much holiday time sleeping instead of being awake and enjoying. It’s still far better to be safe and warm at home.


This is the queue for the tunnel to escape the valley my sister lives in. Able bodied me would have loved it.

I thought Sativex would allow me to travel more easily. Unfortunately, it does not remedy the symptoms enough to ease my eye spasms. Currently, my whole view spins slightly all the time. It’s a bit like trying to move about on a ship in a stormy sea. When I’m tired it gets worse. The storm increases. I wanted to be able to drive, visit my parents and get out more. Sadly, making up a term to describe this symptom is the only entertainment it’s provided. Spazeract

Oh, one major thing the new diet has achieved is I no longer suffer Shitmatas. Six months ago, the only way I could tell I needed a crap was the shooting pains in my arms and hands. The Wahls Protocol has certainly made shitting an almost unconscious task. I’m absolutely thrilled.