I Walk On Beaches

About a month ago I was able to walk on beaches with my crutches. This is all thanks to my embracing of the brilliant Wahls Protocol. When first diagnosed with MS in 2003 I was told never to use existing pharmaceutical medications and lead a clean and relaxed life instead. At the time I thought I was invincible and carried on working despite suffering harsh symptoms. Within 6 weeks I had to give up working but started to eat a healthier diet. Someone suggested I use cannabis to escape any painful symptoms. It worked wonders. Sativex in those days was virtually non existent.

I receive a Sativex prescription now and I am so grateful for it. Without it I would be in agony and there would be little point in living. Despite it’s brilliance, Sativex did not stop the MS from increasing in it’s ferocity. My health continued to decline and my use of Sativex simply made dealing with this easier.

I fortuitously stumbled across a TED talk by Dr Terry Wahls in August 2013 and so much has changed in just 12 months. Not in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be able to stand straight and walk on beaches again. I did other things that week that would otherwise have been impossible including a visit to Hadrian’s Wall and a few historic National Trust properties. I felt amazing despite hauling myself up steps and hillsides with crutches. Anything hard work always appeals to me. I intend to rock climb again next year. After being dark for a decade, the future is now bright again.

The laws regarding cannabis have featured in the media again recently. Thanks to the Wahls Protocol, I have the strength to stand up for this issue again. Yesterday I had a journalist from The Times newspaper visit. They were looking for a middle class cannabis grower who also uses Sativex. As this was happening a team was erecting scaffolding for the instillation of solar panels. We may be dirt bags with a battered old house but it did confirm our middle class status perfectly. My grow room was photographed even though my plants were struggling to grow well. This proved my argument that the sick should never be expected to grow their own medicine.

Despite using Sativex, my health also improves from using medicinal benefits found in other cannabis varieties. I’ve always argued that Sativex has too much THC for me so I try to change the ratio of cannabinoids to enable easier driving and balance. I’ve recently started to use a hemp oil purchased on Amazon containing only Cannabidiol. It’s legal and very effective. It has steadied my vision, stopped my knuckles aching and strengthened muscles and joints. Sativex is an amazing medicine but it can’t fix everything for everyone. It has made exercise much easier and allowed me to improve my health in that way. The body always responds well to exercise if a patient has the means to do so.

Thanks to the Wahls Protocol I can walk on beaches again.

Thanks to the Wahls Protocol I can walk on beaches again.


A Much Nicer Place

I live in a village in England called Meriden. It’s the historic center of England but as some coastline has been lost, the actual center is in a field a few miles away. On a more serious note, one of England’s best organic butchers is just 5 minutes drive away. Phil made me some gluten free sausages and I’ve just taken a few out of the freezer for lunch. A kale salad on the side will go perfect.

One of my dogs suffers seizures and he’s on a Paleo diet too. Both dogs are, of course, and a special pet mince is provided by our butcher. I had a look at the protein content of the tins of dog meat from the supermarket and was shocked that it was only 9%. Embracing a Paleo diet has been made so easy as my husband has taken it onboard too. He’s lost weight and is far more productive. He’s turned out to be an amazing cook too. He’s even using neuro-plasticity to improve his rock climbing technique, using thought as well as muscle memory to achieve harder moves.

I’m of to another butcher to get some minced/ground beef for the pooches. I can’t drive to the organic butchers as I’m suffering the aftermath of a cold so, I’m mixing some of my Bone Broth in until I’m driving again. I’m crutching down into the village twice per week to build muscle strength plus a walk in the woods at weekends. It’s so nice to finally have some balance back again. Just a month ago, I would have to use a walker and it would not happen twice per week, if at all.

It’s now 12:46 and I’ve been down to the village, got cash, delivered items to the charity shop and had my blood pressure tested at the pharmacy. I got some dental floss too and popped next door for some minced beef. After a quick rest and a cup of tea, I’ll prepare those sausages for lunch. Oh and, I mopped the side door passage on my return too. I’m really loving this diet!

My blood pressure, when very relaxed or meditating, is normally 90/60. Low blood pressure is a gift of genetics passed on from my mother. I’m careful not to have the bath too hot or stand up too quickly from it. After walking down into Meriden center it was 117/78. I’m happy with that.

I write this blog for two main reasons. To share experiences with whomever is interested and as a sort of diary for myself. It saves me typing it out twice and keeps everything more real for me.

I had previously stated that I started the Wahls Protocol diet on August 13th. It wasn’t. It was the 22nd. I had more energy just 24 hours later. I was using 30ml of Sativex per week prior to the diet change. Within 2 weeks, my dose had dropped so significantly that the same amount would last a month. Now, I can make one 10ml bottle last the same time. That’s a 1/12 reduction in medication in about 10 weeks. It’s really quite amazing. I have far less pain, better balance, vastly better cognition and more energy. I’m calmer than I’ve ever been, like I’m permanently high. I’m a little high because of the Sativex but the world definitely feels a much nicer place.

Web addresses for Paleo Diets and the Wahls Protcol

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Dr Terry Wahls TEDx talk which put me on the road to recovery.

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My MS Story

My name is Sarah Martin. I’m British and I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2003 after a particularly bad relapse. Three years previous to this I had a mistaken diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome which was actually my first MS relapse so, I had been aware something was wrong for some time. After my eventual RRMS diagnosis, I attempted to carry on working but found I could not hold ideas in my head, suffered dreadful mood swings while battling against spasms in my legs and torso.

The neurologist who diagnosed and treated me told me not to use existing pharma solutions and concentrate on keeping a healthy diet and lifestyle. This I did gratefully, giving up work and alcohol, I managed to continue taking long walks through the forests with my husband and dogs. I turned mostly vegetarian as I was led to believe this would maintain better health. Someone told me that cannabis would provide me with relief from the worst of the symptoms. It did but I began, rather stupidly, smoking it.

It was clear that my diet and lifestyle was not that great and within 5 years my health started to go downhill. Lots of fatigue, spasms and difficulty in managing my body temperature had gotten the better of me. A further 3 years of dealing with this brought on depression and worsening health culminating with an horrendous relapse which left me unable to walk, see straight to watch the TV or read. My diet became awful as I searched for quick and temporary happiness. Snickers bars and Danish pastries provide a ‘short health life’.

Amazingly, I managed to regain enough health to get by with crutches and sometimes a walker. I began to take seriously what science had achieved in it’s efforts to create effective medicines using cannabis. I began to manufacture and experiment with my own cannabis oils. I even took part in BBC documentaries to try to immunise myself from possible arrest. This seems to have worked and now I’m in receipt of regular prescription of Sativex, a pharmaceutical cannabis tincture liscenced in many countries.

Sativex helped me deal with worsening symptoms, minimising pain and spasms but my health was still worsening and I was losing mobility fast. Something was clearly missing and more to the point, my body was missing something huge. For the past two years, I had been sharing my anecdotes with scientists, clinitions and students but felt I had become too unhealthy to continue. This year was going to be my last conference attendance. I was too beaten up and tired to continue.

Just over a month before attending a conference of the International Association of Cannabinoid Medicines, I came across a rather interesting TED talk by Dr Terry Wahls. Well, it changed my life! I started the Wahls diet on August 13th and within 6 weeks I reduced my need for Sativex medication by 1/12. Now I hardly require the medication but do find it to be essential in this ‘bad diet’ world. Traveling and maintaining this diet combined with the fact I menstruate still requires some pharma management. Another six months on this diet and I probably won’t require Sativex at all? I certainly hope so.